As an innovative service company, we see ourselves primarily as a competent, reliable partner to customers. By analysing technological and social trends and assessing the usefulness of new approaches for specific application scenarios, we create long-term value for our customers. We think free from the constraints of barriers to produce totally new, innovative solutions, that set standards on the market.


An innovation hub, trend scout and startup hub – these are the things that BACHMANN Systems stands for and was founded within the BACHMANN Group in 2015.

The employees of BACHMANN Systems think far into the future and develop tailor-made technical innovations. They produce new, practical products and systems for the processes of tomorrow. BACHMANN Systems distinguishes itself from the competition by its use-oriented and systemic approach. This provides the basis for innovative total solutions for buildings, offices, factories and data centres. Direct current technology is one of BACHMANN Systems’ core competencies, which has been expressed professionally in the new 380-volt direct current data centre.



Since being founded in 1947, BACHMANN has become a company with a global reach in the electronics technology sector. BACHMANN operates production sites and development and quality management centres in Germany, Rumania and China, as well as numerous international sales companies and partnerships. BACHMANN also employs more than 600 staff worldwide. The company’s success as a manufacturer of electronic components and systems has always been down to the ability to spot trends and use these to develop products with the highest customer benefit. An outstanding example is the BACHMANN BlueNet product range, an innovative and efficient solution for energy management with multi-functional desk connection panels that has already been awarded many international design prizes.