The future is direct current! 

There is scarcely any other technology that has influenced people’s living standards as much as electrification. Availability and use of electricity are responsible for the prosperity we enjoy today. That is why advanced electrical components have not just always been our core business, but also a central, future-oriented objective. At BACHMANN and BACHMANN Systems, we have analysed trends and are convinced that direct current technology will soon play a significant part in contributing towards a more sustainably oriented economy and society. Indicators from both producers and consumers point towards a renaissance of direct current.


Micro grids for individual buildings and macro grids as a complete network will become the building blocks of a future with direct current. For us, this future has already begun. In many respects, we have set a milestone with our new 380 volt direct current data centre in Stuttgart. From an operational perspective, we have been able to ideally combine business necessity with sustainable action. For our customers and partners this means that: BACHMANN is ready for this leap in innovation with their competence, expertise and products.

BACHMANN — Your direct current expert

380 volt direct current micro grid

Our new data centre in Stuttgart has been consistently and uniformly designed for the use of 380 volt direct current. BACHMANN Systems employees planned and managed this innovation project. On one hand, this allows us to provide evidence for the benefits of using direct current in our data centre, and on the other hand to demonstrate our professional competence in electrification with direct current.


The air conditioning, lighting and all servers and devices in the data centre are supplied with 380 volt direct current. Photovoltaic units on the roof act as an eco-friendly power source. The company’s own electric vehicle is also charged at the new 380 volt charging station. 

Interested parties are welcome to visit the new data centre after prior notification and in consultation with our sales department. You can find more information in our 380 volt direct current brochure.